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Meet the Team Behind AMARI HOME GOODS About Us 

Amari’s Home Goods is dedicated to being the most reliable store for the community in Northlake, Texas. Our mission is to offer our customers the most effective, efficient, and enjoyable shopping experiences. Every day we strive to be very inspirational in everything we do, coming up with beautiful home décor ideas for our customers. We are dedicated to offering the best quality of products designed to last a lifetime, carefully crafted to meet the specific needs of our clients. We are determined to be different, so we are all about sustainability; we care about the environment just as much as our customers; our products are responsibly made and ethically sourced.

At Amari’s Home Goods, we are happy to help our clients; our services do not end at the purchase; we also offer our customers inspiration and installation services for the products you purchase at our store. We hope that you get the home or space you have always wanted. We are determined not to let a lack of prowess in interior design deter you from living your dream. Amari’s Home Goods bridges the gap between interior décor knowledge and the customer. We make it easier for you to get the house you’ve always wanted.

Our story

Amari’s Home Goods has been about quality and exceptional client service for over three years. Our goal was to bring the shopping experience closer to the people of Northlake, who initially had to visit other towns to shop. We are committed to sourcing for what our community needs, finding the right products that will fly off the shelves and give the shopper a good experience, an extensive style, and an excellent taste of luxury without breaking the bank.

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